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The Creation of New Jobs

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The Creation of New Jobs

This is not a discipline open only to computer scientists. As a field that revolves around the collection, collation, and analysis of data, it spans several fields. Maths, statistics, and programming all play a part.

The explosion in demand for these skills has happened far more quickly than the traditional academic courses have been able to meet. According to Stack Overflow, which runs an online developer community and carries out one of the most extensive annual surveys of the field, data scientists, machine learning experts and developers with a statistics or maths background are three of the four highest-paying jobs descriptions in software.

A recent survey found that only 30 percent studied machine learning or data science as part of their formal college education. 360 brings this unique opportunity in Romania: core change to the educational system in order to meet employment and digitalization criteria in our country.

To get the most from a company’s data assets is a key feature of a data scientist.

US and India are becoming the first centers of machine learning? 25% in US, with people in India representing the second biggest contingent, at 16 percent. Only 15% cent is in academia and 14 percent in finance and insurance.

17% female 83% male – Europe Numbers ( 25-34 average age)

The most popular types of data being worked with, in order, are:

  1. Relational Data
  2. Text Data
  3. Image Data
  4. Other
  5. Video Data

Job roles:

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Chief Data Scientist


Data Engineer

ML Engineer

Data Architect


Data Analyst


Top 10 industries in Europe: 2020 ( Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany,












Quote – Through AI “Knowledge spreads much faster”


What is a Data Science and Data Analytics Specialist
“Data Scientist” represents a new type of expert in analytical and scientific data who has the technical knowledge to solve complex solutions, analyzing huge sets of data and coming up with future predictions (designs) concrete solutions
Example of how/why/where there is in Romania a critical need POST COVID: analysis of the effects of a national health crisis on the health system, identification of recurrent problems, their future prediction and solutions
A Required knowledge of: mathematics and computer science, but not general knowledge, but applied knowledge & soft skills
These experts must follow a formal educational program (high school and college) to meet the needs of the future digital economy in Romania.


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