Mariana Ungureanu

Mariana Ungureanu

President, Co-Founder
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Global Trust Partner

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Global Trust Partner

Intensity and Involvement 
You know you are achieving trust in the partnering relationship with other countries when you are experiencing a higher degree of discretionary involvement in key decisions, and mostly ahead of time.   Moving away from the more ritualistic and transactional conversations to those that are more creative and strategic.


It Starts with US- 360
The journey towards being a trusted Global Business & Academic Partner is one of growth and development in and of itself.  It always starts with us  – 360 will make a difference in Romania, by creating the most unique and complex Academic program at the National level.


Romania needs to become by 2023 a trusted global partner in terms of data science Hub and digitalization strategy. How 360 will support this:

  1. Show experience/expertise and manpower at local level
  2. Positive references at government and private level
  3. An Extensive Network of Service Providers and Strong Relationships
  4. Trusted in-country  legal providers (that truly understand compliance and all statutory requirements)
  5. Reliable in-country recruitment capabilities
  6. Trusted housing providers, if necessary
  7. Efficient and cost-effective benefits brokers

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